RRP £8.00 per tin
Each tin containts 5x STEAMERS
Our Spa Shower Steamers are for use as Aromatherapy, and not intended for use on the skin. When placed in the base of your shower they will react with the water to release essential oils into the steam. They need to be placed just aside from the flow of the water so that they slowly react and release their spa aroma. They are 100% natural, infused with pure essential oils. Perfect for those without a bathtub who still want theraputic benefits. Directions: Turn on shower and get water to desired temperature before adding your steamer. (The more steam means the shower steamers will work much better Add a steamer to the base of your shower tray, bath or wet room. Do not add them directly to the flow of the water, as you want them to dissolve slowly, releasing their aroma as they do. Not intended for use as a bathbomb, in the bath or directly on skin.
You will receive a random mix of essential oils

5x Aromatherapy Spa Shower Steamers