Each wax bar is carefully hand poured using sustainable rapeseed wax and 100% pure essential oils. 


One bar is approx 50g, with hours & hours of burn time and high quality, long lasting aroma.


Available in 9 variations:


Time to Sleep: our own unique blend of essential oils to help improve sleep, reduce insomnia and promote deep slumber.


Time to Relax: our own unique blend of pure essential oils to help reduce anxiety and stress, and promote calm.


Time for Energy- our own unique blend of pure essential oils to help boost energy when you feel depleated. 


Lavender: promotes relaxation, reduces insomnia and anxiety


Lemon: enhances concentration and energy, eliminates toxins in the air


Lime: Lifts mood, reduces anxiety & stresses. 


Sweet Orange: Reduces fatigue, known to reduce nasal irritation from seasonal allergies in the air. Eases headaches.


Grapefruit: balances mood, reducing anxiety and depression. Promotes calm


Peppermint: Boosts energy, clears respiritory tract, alleviates nervous tension. Soothes and promotes calm. Reduces irritability


Aromatherapy Wellness Wax Bars